Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A little perk-me-up to get you through the week



On another totally different note...check this out! :)

How to stop a kitten fight

Pls watch this only if you have a sense of humour, and if you don't hate cats. No kittens were harmed before, during and after the making of this home video.


Smile Aways said...

wow ...pei fen long time no see n chat ar..jing yi here if u remembered..haha..nice way of stopping kitten's fighting yo..reali puke out ar..

haha..stay happy always and gan-ba-te!

jia you pei de way u host superband wif desmond wor..

veri energetic ar..and funny also..
or shld i say humourous??? hahahaa

take care ar..

Anonymous said...

你的娱乐是 -- 那些外人看不到`不该看的事娱。

Anonymous said...

你的娱乐是 -- 那些外人看不到`不该看的事。

FarMountain said...

你的工作是为别人提供优质娱乐服务,而你的娱乐是愉悦自己. 两者间有着对象性,目的性和娱乐方式的不同.

这两者表面上看来截然不同, 然而, 他们却是一体两面的事. 不管娱人或娱己, 最终自己的身心都应该处于愉悦的状态.

举个例子, 一个人如果强颜欢笑去娱乐他人,大多是不会不成功. 又或者成功了, 但不能持续太久. 因为欢乐这回事就好象一个人在传递一颗名为"欢乐"的球. 自我娱乐是把球传给自己, 娱乐他人是把球传给别人.当那个人自己不是处于愉悦的状态,传出来的球很可能就不是"欢乐".

我可以想到的最好的比喻是武侠小说里的人剑合一. 娱乐他人或自我娱乐的时候, 剑是剑, 人是人; 而娱乐他人的时候同时能自我娱乐,就是人剑合一.

今天太累了...掰不下去了 嘿嘿...

Norman said...

i think the best way of entertainment is seeing pple being entertained by you =)
Hmmm like when i was singing at TPY hub for the superband audition i feel entertained when the judges gave good words to us(but sad to say onli selected in tpy hub for top16, then not selected for TV show =( )i had ask myself b4 sometimes the question u mention also .although i might not be a full time entertainer but i do some performances now(thanks for superband08, as my band was spotted for performances chances) i realise that the happiest thing is when u are doing something u like and pple gets entertain by ur show.
So overall i think when u see people around u being happy is a very entertaining thing le =)
anyway u are doing very well for the superband08 show but can see being a host when a big name like Bao Xiao Song is around its always stressing haha..

take care and regards.


Yukie said...


卫斯理 said...

嗨!是不是因为工作压力太大而有感而发呢?其实,工作是娱乐,是因为妳本身喜欢妳的工作,并且对自己的工作内容及其中的意义充满热忱。我是名财务规划员,而我的经理也曾跟我说过。“make work part of your lifestyle”。能让自己喜欢的工作自然地成为生活中的一部分,妳就不会感觉到生活与工作的差别。就像FarMountain所说的“人剑合一”。娱人又能自娱,是件值得珍惜的事喔 :)

Art Director of So Simple said...

Heya, you looked stunning on Superband last night! The hair and makeup were perfect!

FarMountain said...

昨天看到佩芬穿了一身大红, 就不自禁有点恶作剧地想:“如果台上有一头牛的话,呵呵。。。。。”


小猪 said...
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小猪 said...


Peifen is lost again?
Peifen, one of your 娱乐 is... playing with yuanyuan and Mr Snuggie, watching Man Utd playing. (this is what i feel la)

Something that u really enjoy doing. Even if it is your job. Just like footballer, I believe most of them enjoy football as well as enjoy their job.
I believe Peifen do enjoy going overseas too. And her job at "Jian Dan Jiu Shi Mei 2"..isnt that enjoyable? We leave that answer to our princess... =)

Oh ya..I though Peifen is born same year as Zhiyong...but i think she is 14 Sept 198X ba...

FarMountain said...

pei fen,

You are wanted online:


nonex said...

Hi Peifen, i got no means of contacting you (don't have your email address) so thought of leaving a message here.

I am from NTU, and would like to get you to submit a Classnote. If you do read our Alumni NTULink magazine (i hope so!), we have this classnotes section.

We approached Mary before (when she was in NTU earlier this year for the NTU Open House), and she submitted.

Hope you can drop me an email (tanch[at] Thanks!


janice said...

Hey peifen,
hope you can remember me. I was the one who requested to take a photo with you during rynn's campus concert at NP.
Anyway, you're really beautiful!
feel free to drop by my blog.

kIb0sh_t0tz said...
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kIb0sh_t0tz said...

Hi Peifen!

U're mentioned on Lin Yu Zhong's blog! haha... He mentioned ur side view looks like 1 of his shimei..

Direct Link:

if cannot see, maybe can find here:

take care =D

Viewer said...

viewer said:
Dun be pessimistic.. once a while u seens lost, and can be pretty pessimistic.. this is not healthy as in celebrity.. ur behaviour is watching by the public.. besides, ur DJ skill seems drop as compared to cruz.. learn from him, he is a sun shine man, an optimistic least fr e outside appearance that public view..

FarMountain said...

Are all celebrity look and behave in same way? I don't agree with what viewer said.

Just be yourself, because people with confidence is the best!!!

FarMountain said...

The Great Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw:" Both optimists and pessimists contribute to the society. The optimist invents the aeroplane, the pessimists the parachute."

devilishyy said...

yo! nice video... haha... take care! =]

viewer said...

farmountain u r wrong! terribly wrong! as a celebrity i dun think u got e chance to choose who u r.. if u cant behave urself gd enough in front of public, then its better u dun choose e celebrity path.. ppl juz wont understand as in u r a human too for a celebrity.. dun u learn fr e edison's case.. its a real life cruel lesson.

FarMountain said...

I might be wrong..... But

To me, being pessimistic sometimes might not be a bad thing, because you will always prepared for the worst. I love to think in that way.

Just a little remark, didn't mean to offend viewer, because I don't want Pei Fen to use the nice way of stopping us:" Edison case did teach us a good lesson, however, I think you have learned the lesson in a wrong way. The lesson is "Not to take video while you have sex." rather than faking yourself to be a sunshine man/woman all the time in front of public.

Furthermore, I think you so-call DJ skill judgement is rather subjective, I like Pei Fen's DJ skill, but you might think it is bad. And I might not like a faking all time sunshine people as well. A sometimes pessimistic Pei Fen mean she is a human to us. Human will laugh when she is happy, will cry when she is sad - that is human. Pretending to be optimistic about everything seem .... fake to me.

This is my little opinion. You might not agree, but I guess we should stop here, because I don't think it is polite to create a battlefield here.

viewer said...

haahaa.. what a joke of e day farmountain.. u really a joker!