Sunday, August 03, 2008




Jiaxin said...

hmm do u ever feel that some "green" activities are pretty much just scratching the surface?

or even that things are sometimes being done just cos "green" is the in-thing now, w/o much understanding of the true effects of the actions..

at times, i do. but i guess we can only just do our part and pray for the best.. is that too pessimistic?

evets said...

Only if WE, ManKIND (whom ain't all that kind) intend to give her one (MC) or even better, spare her the agony of ever falling sick.

But can we? Can the world give up feeding on her resources and expanding at her expenses?

Anonymous said...

Think twice before throwing disposable crockery as well as other things.
Try to envisage the consequences of our inconsiderate behaviour ..
Act it at your own risk...

Norman said...

To be frank there is nothing much we can do with it...sometimes there is one saying-=tian xia mei you bu san de yan xi=- one day everything will end somewhere long as we live life to the fullest without regrets should be fine...if we do realise everything we do everyday harms the earth but some harm the earth for a living in some ways(Fuel Burning in cars,Fridge we use,etc)

evets said...

I beg to differ. The amount of things that can be done are pretty much boundless. Its only a matter of moving away from our comfort zone. Sad to say though there IS a limit not NOTHING to what we can do to help. As to how far is the limit, we would probably have to ask ourselves how far are we willing to go then?

Sadly, with modernization comes industrialization, hence the global warming situation around the world.

Our ancestors lived through without fuel, without cars and definitely without any fridges. Though time changes and such items are fast becoming necessities, we can only hope that technology catches up fast and soon to help save HER.

And frankly with such widespread public transport services in Singapore, owning a car in this country is really not a necessity and definitely not a need to survive here.

A Lambourgini? A Ferrari on Singapore streets? This is getting way out of hand.

anne said...

hmm...u can really think in-depth.

Anonymous said...

HELLO!hey i wanna say u look really gorgeous in person! my bud n i were trekking along hillview rd last week, when we saw u getting involved in a little "kissing" incident ;P We were actually thinking of going back to do further damage to yr car so that we can give u our hp numbers too like that other guy..haha.just kidding..

小猪 said...

well, juz ask my colleagues to throw the plastic bottle into the recycle bin in my office...But they just cant be bother.

That's the little we can do for earth:
-throw wastage into the desired recycle bin
-use washed clothing water to flash ur toilet bowl

Just put a pail and a small basin
in ur bath room. Whenever u wash your hand, put the basin underneath. (If oily, pls dont)After, pour it into the pail. Recycle ur used water!

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shuey said...

True, I was in Japan in July, I can feel the heat coming from the sorrounding. I guess we should do some part to help saving the earth from getting sick.