Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An eventful day

sounds like a primary school composition title. my my, if i had a day like today when i was still in primary school, i would've scored full marks!

0900 hrs

the day started with waking up to bake cupcakes for students of the Down Syndrome Association (DSA), which is Yes 933's adopted charity for 2009. i took a little risk and experimented with a self-derived recipe...which worked out pretty good! am glad and thank God for the success. oh but i did run out of eggs at home and had to rush out to get some...

1300 hrs

arrived at DSA and got to know some really affectionate and fun people there, both students and teachers. had a good time chatting with them.

1400 hrs

Fahrenheit arrived for the meet and greet session with DSA students. teamed up with Wu Zun, Amos (teacher) and 4 other students for a group game: using materials provided, we were supposed to dress one student up as a super hero. our team's hero was a sword and shield wielding Superman! Wu Zun and Amos were very creative and came up with more and more gadgets for Superman...and i crafted an aluminium foil helmet with 2 straws for antenna. haha.

1840 hrs

arrival of Jackie Chan and Daniel Wu at Yes 933's studio for an interview, in conjunction with their latest action blockbuster, Shinjuku Incident. the mood was bright and breezy as Da Ge (Jackie) and Daniel were all smiles. interview went well, Da Ge and Daniel were both happy to share their movie experiences and thoughts. they were super nice! and i got to take a picture with them!!

(am still star struck at time of entry)


Fahrenheit arrived at our studio for an interview, and also a video recording...during which they wrecked havoc on my face..... -_- if u wanna find out what they did, tune in to Way Too Fun, Saturday 10 to 11pm, on Yes 93.3FM.

and that, my dear friends, concludes my excitingly eventful and rewardingly tiring day. :) am very grateful for a day like this.


Anonymous said...

Please post more frh's photos if you've! ty :D

CHUNHUI said...

Peifen! rmb me? i was the one who asked you about fahrenheit stuffs outside mos burger when you were with jiafa! you're very pretty&friendly!^^

cy said...

真羡慕... 能跟成龙大哥还有吴彦祖合照!

Anonymous said...

will tune in to YES.933 way too fun this sat... jiayous peifen =)

deBoRAh said...

Wow, I bet you really love your job, you get to interview so many celebs!!!

Ranie Pang said...

hello peifen jiejie,

erm.. do you mind sharing your cupcake recipie? hahah i love to bake!! but sadly,i only know how to bake cookies :P hehe
anyway, all the best =D

Anonymous said...

Hi Christina,
this dress which you have more makes you looks like a pregnant lady wor. ...

Glennda said...

Oh my goodness girl, give my regards to Jackie Chan. How lucky of you...

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