Sunday, March 29, 2009

Way Too Fun Fun in the Sun Episode 2

Hahaha!! Ivy's turn to get a taste of humiliation! but i must say, great job! you go girl!

this week's dare involves 飞轮海! watch this space...

p.s. if you dunno what exactly is going on, tune in to Way Too Fun, a brand new and exciting and totally cool and crazy radio show on yes 933. Sat nights from 10 to 11pm.

1 comment:

SaSa said...

Nice One.. Haha.. Super funny can?? Haha.. That 1hr WTF programme was a great shot.. can't wait to hear it every Sat.. NICE~~ So funny.. especially the "Wang Zai Xiao Man Tou".. Wohoo~ "Zan"..

I took a picture with you today, mail the picture to you and Jiafa when I develop it (or you can give me your email add I can email to you too)..

Oh did I mention to you that we share the common name.. Wahaha.. Pei Fen in the House..