Sunday, August 24, 2008


Don't remember when this weird habit began, but i'm on a constant subconcious observation effort to note if the weather on SUNdays are, in fact, really sunny. so far, inconclusive records are in support of my hypothesis: in Singapore, sundays are really more likely to be sunny than not.

well, today was an exception.

looking out on the blurry cityscape bathing in the roaring storm, i'm reminded of a childhood rhyme: "rain, rain go away, come again another day, little children want to play..."

well, those little children who used to want to play on rainy days would eventually grow up into big adults who just want to curl up on the couch in front of the TV and vegetate, only moving to open the door when the long awaited fast food delivery arrives.

home delivery. the perfect answer to "what's for lunch/dinner?" on a lazy, drizzly sunday.


having happily found the number to call and chosen a certain "couple meal set B" from *FC's website, the obstacles that laid between us and our set meal B proved to be daunting beyond expectations.

line was busy during the first few attempts. understandable, and actually kind of oddly reassuring to know we're not the only indolent homo sapiens consuming junk food. after like 20 tries, we still refused to give up.

the 21st attempt proved to be successful. yay!

"welcome to *** delivery hotline. to place an order, please press 1."

so i did.

"Sorry, all our customer service operators are busy. *silence for 20 seconds* Your call is important to us. Pleas hold the line."

wow. here comes the real battle. i'm so glad i've had ample endurance training from trying to reach that elusive bank/telco customer service operator! those days of waiting on speaker phone, listening to endless repetitions of the same irritatingly pleasant music, and limited variations of recorded messages that try and keep you entertained but really just makes your blood boil coz the more they say "your call is important to us" the more u'll think "yeah right, if my call is important, i wouldn't be hearing YOU tell me that, recorded woman voice." ah...such fond memories. these are now proving useful in my quest to place a home delivery order.

"Please hold the ----- *silence*"

what?! has my line been cut off? i waited. and waited. nothing.


ok. patience. try again. after another series of unsuccessful tries, we got through again. pressed 1.

"Sorry, all our customer service operators are busy. We are unable to attend to your call in the next 8 minutes."

oh? 8 minutes? no problem! i'll wait!

after 8 mins...

*ringing tone* "Hello, welcome to *FC delivery. can i have your postal code please?"


"Oh, so sorry, we're unable to deliver to your area now because of the heavy rain."

i looked out of my window. by that time, pouring rain had turned into feathery droplets gently falling from the grey sky.


"Yes mam, i'm sorry."


aren't home deliveries supposed to be busiest on wet days precisely because customers don't wanna leave their homes to brave the rain for their next meal?

of course, i'm not saying that delivery crews should risk their lives for lazy people like me, but unless there's a raging thunderstorm or hail, a light drizzle shouldn't stop a multinational fast-food chain from satisfying its hungry customers, no?

i do hope the home delivery service at *FC improves soon. because, as much as i'm complaining about it now, i'm still a sucker for their original fried chicken, coleslaw and mash potato. :P


Anonymous said...

I agree! Requires loads of improvement. Tried ordering from office in CBD. Asked if we still want fries (from set meals) as it'll turn soggy. No burger & change of drinks for delivery, etc.

Gosh... -.-'''

Michael You said...

Dear Christina,

I am not the anonymity who posted the comments on ur previous and current sharing boards.

Jesus loves little X and Big Head Fen ^^

Jesus said: "you shall love the Lord, your God with all your heart,soul,strength and mind, and love the neighbour as yourself. Luke 10:27

小猪 said...
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小猪 said...

The "Kilo Foxtrot Charlie " really getting into Peifen's nerve!

Peifen cool down ok!!
Rem this phase??
At least u didnt eat that sinful food. Plus ur ulcer is painfully too!

Yeo Beng Hwee Alan said...

totally agree.

ordered from pi$$a hu+ before and finally got through after the 11th try. told me to wait because "your call is important to us". held the phone for 5 minutes b3fore I hung up. tried calling again and got through on the 23rd try. Held the phone for 11 minutes before I spoke to some operator. luckily, got my pizza in 15 hours time.

永宏 said...

15 hours..? er..? ok...

i would say its good to have some 杯面 or 快熟面 within reach jus incase of more futile attempts battling with delivery services... haha...

smile_nini said...

all the best..peifen..
take care ya..

FarMountain said...

Same experience!!!

Just too lazy to go out for lunch one sunday, I call and wait for almost 20 to 30 mins to get the answer:" No delivery to that area!!!!"

btw, I am not living at Jurong Island....... just somewhere near to ang mo kio, I wonder if they serve only people live in City Hall and Raffle Place?

zuanyan said...

Dear Christina!

after listening to the question for harvey norman 非比寻常 contest, i was thinking why could the man get the $50 harvey norman voucher when he didn't got the answer correctly.. although it's an unsolvable question, but shld have given him another question on the spot to test him... if not we will feel the 50bucks voucher is given with unworthiness.. =|

shar0n-ting said...

hi peifen ..

today zhiyong is sick & u so kelian alone in the studio .. nvm, lets hope zhiyong will recover soon & back with his alive spirit =)

do post some of ur yuan yuan & snuggie pics =) .. i miss them, they r simple SO SO SO cute ~ =D

*looking forward*

michael you said...

敬畏主耶和華是智慧的開端;凡遵行祂命令的是聰明人。詩篇 111:10


你們既先求祂的國與義,這些東西都要加給你們了。馬太 6:33

Add oil,憑信心倚靠上帝,過得勝的信仰生活吧!

Jesus loves you all ^^

Anonymous said...

ya right!i tried calling them and the getting thru of the line and keep hearing the same old thing of "your call is impt to us" etc etc,really made me felt like a volcano take care of ur ulcer too!hearing you still hv to talk so much in yes93.3 every morning and hearing you said that ur ulcer is getting bigger instead of smaller,i really pity u.must take good care of ur own health ya.drink lots more water! =)

Anonymous said...

i certainly agree so, in the service industry although singapore is considered near the top, but they still have so much room to improve on.

Alex said...

Ya. they better improve in their service standards.
By the way, you look stunning last night at the Superband contest.

Did you fall down? why was there a bandage on your right elbow?

Take care

shanny said...

i got the same experience as you on the past monday!! they cut my line off after i had held the line for dunno how long!

sugirl said...

take care o^^
be happy~
i wan to see pei fen always happy~~

Anonymous said...

Seems like these days the fast food delivery biz are very "concern" abt the safety of their deliverymen in the event of rain. I encountered this same scenerio as you at work one afternoon. The rain was pouring like no tmr, and my workplace being up on hill is extrememly dangerous to walk downhill... and to our greatest shock, not only KFC, MacDonald n Pizza Hut all refuse to deliver. Like that how?

Michelle said...

Hi, I just bought U Weekly and there's an interview with you about your house. May I know what is the brand of the laptop that was in the magazine? Thanks=)

sy said...

well i guess u have a better experience then me though?

mine i waited almost like that same case as urs, then after waiting and waiting finally a person pick up the phone and say, "sorry i need to inform u that our family meal was unable to be delievered due to overwhlem orders."
then i asked, "how long do i have to wait?"
that person replied me," please call back after 1 hour or two"
(that time was already 7+pm)
well ok then
i asked," can i order zinger burger meal instead?"
the person replied," sorry sir, that was also unavailable.." *slience*(speechless)
i replied," what meals/things are available for me to order?"
that person,"none, nothing for u to order sir"
(and hangs off)....
im like @#$!@#$!@#$!@# all those things seems like going to com eout from my mouth!

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RaymonD said...

Hello Pei Fen,

happy Birthday!

小猪 said...
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小猪 said...

Happy birthday Peifen!!

Michael You said...

Dear Ms Christina,

Happy Birthday and Mid Autumn Festival, God Bless you and your family :)

But whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and whose mind is on his law day and night. (Psalms 1:2)

FarMountain said...


恭喜妳, 恭喜妳....


Jing Rui said...

happy birthday to you peifen!

today is ur birthday as well as mid-autumn enjoy and have fun today with your family and friends!

wish u good luck in ur career!

KaReN said...

Happy bday peifen
may all ur wishes come true
all the best to u!
take care..

Anonymous said...

hey peifen, how u spend yr birthday?


Peifen (same name!) said...

hi Peifen!

i had exactly the same experience with *FC last night. ended up calling ***donald & food arrived in less than 30 mins's time despite the drizzle.

anyways~ happy belated birthday to you! hope you had a great day ystdy ^^

Anonymous said...

Princess Pei fen!!!

Just want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Take care & All the best! Jia You!

May all your dreams come true!

Enjoy ur special day k?

I enjoy hearing all the programmes that you host.

teo_gim_khoon said...

I really love you alot Peifen so can you be my girlfriend seriously?

Do you please SMS me at my handphone number thanks alot! +65-82090254