Friday, August 15, 2008


I'm watching the Beijing Olympics women's gymnastics individual all-round victory ceremony.

woah. that's a mouthful.

but anyway, Nastia Liukin from American is the new champion.

i'm deeply moved. the expression on her face says it all. she's put in hard work and effort; the reward, in the material form of a gold medal, is bigger than anything in the universe.

it must feel so good to be the best at what you do, and be recognized for it.

一份耕耘一份收获. one of the most fundamental principles in sports, and in life.


Smile Aways said...

YEsh!!!.. i love the olympics swimming wor.. love their movement..their strokes graceful n fast lor...

so exciting sia... hmmm..jia you pei fen..

jingyi here..

Anonymous said...

Hi! I saw you at Jam's showcase and thought you were very pretty. :)

Anyways, weirdly, I teared when I saw Nastia Lutkin too.


celine said...

hi peifen jie jie!! im hui hui can link me?

Lu_Bu A.k.a 永宏 said...

Yep yep, talking abt Olympics~ Singapore has got a medal~~ yay! after 48 years.. finally ^^;