Tuesday, August 12, 2008

a new discovery

i've always doubted the effectiveness of whitening products.
now, i doubt no more. because i've finally found something that works for me!
introducing...Neutrogena's Fine Fairness range.
out of the whole range, these 2 are my most favourite products:
the night cream...rich and moisturizing, works wonders for skin whitening!
the peel mask...there's a tingling sensation when applied on the skin, got me a bit worried at first, but having used it for weeks, i'm totally convinced that it works. skin is not just fairer, but also finer and more translucent with a healthy glow!
come check out the products this wkend: Sat 3pm Watsons at Ngee Ann City, Sun 2pm Guardian at Suntec City
p.s. i'll be there to share my personal experience...jiahui will be there too. see ya... :)


viewer said...

really?! oh ya, i will go try de.. my face recently got lotsa flickers, do u think is there any product fr netrogena is to cater for flickers? worried me...

Norman said...

hmmm i'm using neutrogena's mens facial foam and i find it good but...lately just change to another brand better not mention...=) overall i think neutrogena's product are good and effective but really depending on skin types also.
anyway will be dropping by to see the products for my gf.
Hmmm anyway Peifen looks great in person wor...was at SP2008 11/08 recording and she was gorgeous =P

Jing Rui said...

ya agree with Norman too...she looks good in person!

Saw Peifen with her bf @ F.I.R concert last Friday

Smile Aways said...

haha.. wil be dere!

Anonymous said...

hi peifen, do u use canmake products? how isit? pls share.. thanks

huifn said...

Really,i have never try b4.Any age can also use(19 yr old).