Saturday, May 02, 2009

Q&A + updates!

Hey Mia,

with regards to your question, yes, u do mix all the ingredients together at the same time. no sequence to observe. just be careful not to let the ingredients (esp flour) splash out of the mixing bowl. oh, you need to use an electric mixer, coz it's just not quite possible to mix with hand. :)

and...introducing, the latest video from Way Too Fun! this is funny!


soboliao said...

hi peifen!

i used to be a big fan of ur show, nyx's castle. u know at times i still misses it. esp the lullaby u played at the ending.. i love this particular lullaby that is in latin french??(i'm not sure too) yeah anyway i managed to find out that its a song by LIsa Ono... may you please do me a favour by telling me the name of that song? in fact i have been searching it for years. Thanks!

Michael You said...

Dearest Big Head Fen,

Hows ur recent life going? Long time no see. :D Does this mixer work nicely in mixing the ingredients? And also,miss ur Head very very much :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Peifen,
I saw your column in I-Weekly. Is this your 1st entry? - Diet

soboliao said...

finally i found the song!! its call Ninnananna Ninna.... by lisa ono! i m so happy!

Anonymous said...

Hey i dn think ur partner gt say anything ba on air. Aiyo lyk tt suan him 4 wad.