Thursday, May 07, 2009

Star Awards 09

i know this is kinda late...but i still wanna do this.

wanna take a few moments to thank some wonderful people who've made my Star Awards night very special and memorable.

1)Mian - without your help, i'd never have found that perfect dress that i felt so comfortable in. nor would i have found those pretty shoes, and i wouldn't have gotten to know the fantastic creative minds behind Vice and Vanity designs. thanks for being such a wonderful buddy and caring big sister.

2)Sharon and the team at Banana Republic - thank you all for the effort and time taken to find such a beautiful dress, matching shoes and accessories for me. loved them all! :)

3)Vivi and Aaron ( - u guys are so cool! and so talented! i'm an official fan of ur designs.

4)Michelle and Kenneth from Jeric of Reds. i know my hair wasn't the easiest to style since i just rebonded it, but u guys managed to transform it into that laid-back understated yet still glam look, which i totally loved.

4)Alvin, a dear friend who did my makeup. naiba, although i was SO late, u could still work your magic under stress! u're the best.

5)everyone of you who congratulated, commended and/or consoled me. well i really didn't need any consolation, coz, really, i didn't expect to win at all. but, every single word of kindness and encouragement is precious to me. to know that there are so many people who take my work seriously and appreciate my efforts is a reward just as great, if not greater than, any material prize.

last but definitely not least, thanks to the So Simple team!! we rock!! :)


Jing Rui said...

peifen u look great in this white dress! anyway it's great to be keep up the good work! looking forward to So Simple 3!!

Love ur acting in the radio drama...esp episode23 coz of those crying scene, u acted really well!!

Anyway listened to the last episode of this radio drama today, really a wonderful show... credit to cruz and all the producers... u all did a good job!

Anyway kind of curious who will you(jiaxi) choose eventually...Mark or Wichai?

Jill said...

佩芬,簡單就是美重播 (星期天早上11.30),可以重温你在节目漂亮的气质,真的太开心了! 我上次错过的几集,现在可以弥补了! 还有, 很喜欢节目里播放的音乐。 虽然你被提名没拿奖,我还是一样支持你, 因为看得出你真的很用心做这个节目。

hnkang_007 said...

nice dress. although you din get the award. being nominated is already a winner. well done.